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Bunny Boiler Gold

Bunny Boiler Gold

The Bunny Is Back – But For How Long?

Bunny Boiler Gold | Dice | Boards Game

Bunny Boiler Gold is the follow up to the hugely popular Microgaming instant win game Bunny Boiler.

Once again it’s time to help the hapless bunny find his way through his treacherous borrow in search of treasure and picking up carrots along the way. As with the previous game, it follows a roll-the-dice board game format with an added wagering element and multipliers.

Roll the dice to move the bunny forward. Land on a carrot and you get to roll the dice again, land on a death symbol and the bunny goes bye bye (in amusing cartoon fashion). The game also adds extra elements, including a target symbol which warps the rabbit forward as well as golden carrots which launch the bonus round.
The longer he stays alive and the further ahead the bunny gets the more you win – meaning the game isn’t just a whole lot of fun, it can also be quite profitable.

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