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Bunny Boiler

Bunny Boiler

Help The Bunny Find The Gold And You’ll Soon Be Hopping With Delight

Bunny Boiler an Instant Win dice-based board game

Bunny Boiler is an instant win game from Microgaming based upon the adventures of a cartoon rabbit and his quest for carrots and gold. Help him navigate the tricky tunnels to win huge prizes and multipliers but watch out for those bunny skull death symbols – land on one of those and it’s bye-bye bunny!
This dice game matches the fun of a dice-based board game with the excitement of wagering. Roll the dice to make the bunny advance. Grab carrots for prizes, land on a multiplier to extend your winnings. The further you go the more you make but once you land on a death symbol the game ends and the poor ole bunny dies an amusing cartoon death complete with hilarious sound effects. Any multipliers you have landed on beforehand will then be totted up.
This game is instantly accessible and as easy to play as those board games you might have played on a rainy day as a kid. But the added wagering element means this game is no mere child’s play – especially if you manage to make it to that whopping big jackpot. In fact this game has proven so successful that Microgaming have also followed it up with a sequel – Bunny Boiler Gold.

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