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Crown & Anchor

Crown & Anchor

This Classic British Dice Game Rules The Waves

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Crown and Anchor is an online version of the classic dice betting game that’s been played by British sailors since the glory days of sailing ships. This digital version features luscious graphics and animation to help ensure the game plays and feels as authentic as possible without the unwelcome intrusion of choppy waves.

Like all classic games the set up and rules are both remarkably simple. You get three dice and a betting board. The dice are marked with six different symbols; hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades, plus a crown and anchor. The betting board, likewise, is marked with each of these symbols. You then place your markers of varying denominations on the symbols you wish to bet on before rolling your three dice to determine your score. More matches and higher bets makes for higher payouts.

The game is simple but thoroughly enjoyable, there’s also an Autoplay function for effortless playing. The design of the game is attractive but not so flashy as to distract you from the gameplay, just some nice little flourishes here and there such as the sound of the waves and creaking of boards plus a delightful ditty which gets played when you win. A few of those and you could well feel like singing a rowdy sea shanty yourself feeling the Joy of Six.

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