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Dawn Of The Bread

Dawn Of The Bread
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Dawn Of The Bread

Team Up With The Zombie Baker To Earn Some Serious Dough

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Now here’s a zombie apocalypse scenario that even Hollywood hasn’t thought of yet.
In Dawn of the Bread the undead walk among us, though instead of stalking the living with an unquenchable hunger for brains, they have arisen with a new purpose in life – baking.
These zombies don’t want to eat us, they want us to eat bread. Unfortunately ingredients aren’t all that easy to come by, so they’ve had to improvise.

Dawn of the Bread is an instant win game featuring a crazy cackling zombie baker and gruesome graphics. This game is easy and fun to play. It features some really tasty animated touches such as a cobweb beside the logo where a black widow spider crawls around and slides up and down on his web.
The bread’s grisly ingredients includes eyeballs, hearts, rats and bugs. These may not seem appetizing but if you match the right they can result in some extremely tasty payouts. The eyeball, in particular, is a much sought after delicacy; match three and you’ll win 10,000 times your bet – now there’s something you can really get your teeth into.
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