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Warning! This Game Is Extremely Catching

Play Germinator - Online Slots

Germinator is an interesting hybrid of slot and arcade puzzler. The gameplay should be particularly familiar to Nintendo fans who might remember games such as Germ Buster on the DS or the original Dr Mario on Gameboy.

The action takes place on a 6×6 grid with 36 spaces in total. Once the game starts each of these spaces is filled with an unwelcome little germ. There are five different strains of germ, each with a different multiplier. The amount you win is your line bet multiplied by the germs you’ve vanquished.

To kill germs you’ll need to line up three or more of the same variety, either vertically or horizontally. When you do so the germs will pop with a satisfying splatter and more germs will then cascade from the top of the screen to fill their place, potentially setting off more combos before you spin again. Sometimes you can even have germs on both a horizontal and a vertical line, setting up even bigger cascades and combos.

Sometimes you’ll see a germ with a tablet icon beside it. If you manage to complete a turn with three of these on the screen you’ll launch the Medi Bonus. Here you can select a specific strain of germ you wish to eradicate completely in one go to earn some truly infectious multipliers.

This is an extremely fun game with enormous winning potential. The graphics are also fantastic looking. Somehow the design team at Microgaming even managed to make the viruses look cute. The whole thing has a very cartoon-like feel, not to mention the squishy noises and constant cutesy coughs, sniffles and sneezes of the germs themselves. If you don’t have fun playing this game then you must be running a fever.

If puzzle style games are your thing, you should consider playing Hexaline, Triangulation and Four by Four.

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