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An Online Version Of The Casino Classic With Plenty Of Wins For Keen Players

Play Keno

Keno, from Microgaming, is an online version of the popular lottery style casino board game. The game takes place on a standard 80 number keno board and has some nifty added features.

The game is said to have originally come to the West from China where it was introduced by migrant workers coming to America to work on the railroads. Legend has it that, back in the medieval period, Keno was even used to fund the building of the Great Wall Of China. Whatever the true story is, the game of Keno became a firm favourite in the casinos of the Old West and remains immensely popular today all over the world, from Macao, to Europe and, of course, the big casinos in Vegas.

The game is simple; you choose your numbers on the board by placing chips of various denominations. The numbers range from one to 80. Twenty balls are then selected at random. The more you match the more you win. It’s so simple to learn and play that even if you’ve never played Keno before, you’ll be able to pick it up quickly and, in no time, you’ll be confident enough to raise your stakes and earn big winnings.
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