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Louisiana Double

Louisiana Double

Video Poker With A Money-Doubling Twist

Louisiana Double - Online Video Poker Game

Louisiana Double is a clever video poker game from Microgaming that puts a nifty new twist on your standard Jacks or Better style game.

The difference here is that, in addition to the full deck of 52, the game also has a special Double card. Now you may think you’ve heard this before – oh I see, so it’s like a wild card right? Well not so fast. Remember that twist I mentioned? Well here it is; the Double card doesn’t work as a wild, so it won’t work to complete a winning hand. What it will do, however, is multiply your winnings when you do get a winning hand. So if the card turns up along with a winning combination the result will be double your winnings. This is why this game has proven quite popular with video poker aficionados who keep coming back to this game because it offers some consistently generous payouts even without that hefty double card effect. Play Double Bonus Poker.

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