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Multi – Wheel Roulette

Multi – Wheel Roulette

Eight Times More Wheels, Eight Times More Fun, Eight Times More Winnings

Play Multi - Wheel Roulette

Why spin one wheel when you can spin eight at the same time? That’s the whole idea of Multi-Wheel Roulette. Get ready for a non-stop octadic orgy of spinning and winning as you can bet on, and spin, up to eight roulette wheels all at the same time.

Sometimes, in life, it’s hard to keep your eye on the ball. But try keeping your eye on eight balls! Some players might find that dizzying, but if you love roulette the effect can be mesmerizing.

The beauty about this game is that, once you’ve got the basics of roulette down, you can quickly ramp it up by multiplying your potential winnings eight-fold. Placing winning bets on all eight wheels at once can result in some astoundingly large payouts. Think you’ve got what it takes? Then step up to the eight.

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