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Six Shooter Looter Gold

Six Shooter Looter Gold
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Six Shooter Looter Gold

It’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Good Fun!

Play Six Shooter Looter Gold - Instant Win | Board Game

Six Shooter Looter Gold is an instant win game from Microgaming based on the Old West.
The format is that of a board game style play area where you roll to advance, except instead of rolling a dice it’s a revolver that spins and the number of bullets determines how far you advance.

Land on a regular square and you can spin again. Land on a yellow road sign to advance ahead to the next yellow square. Land on the gold and you collect while the cowboy hollars with delight. Land on a cow skull death symbol, however, and the game ends. Depending on where the death skull is on the board will determine how, exactly, the cowboy dies. For example if he’s crossing the train tracks and you roll him onto a death skull on the tracks he’ll end up getting run over by the train. If you manage to keep him safe and help him make it all the way to the bank, however, you’ll get a big jackpot.

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