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Space Evader Gold

Space Evader Gold

Help The Alien Find His Way Home To Win The Massive Jackpot

Play Space Evader Gold - Online Board Game

Space Evader Gold is a board game style, alien-themed instant win title from Microgaming. It features a distinct cartoon-like sci-fi theme with matching sound effects and graphics.

This little green man needs to get back to his flying saucer so he can finally get home, but first he needs to pass some treacherous terrain – it’s up to you to help him cross it safely.

Set your stake then roll the dice to move the alien character along each square just like those board games you played as a kid. Pick up multipliers along the way which increase in value the further along you get but watch out for those death signs. If you step on one the poor alien gets zapped and the game ends – so you’ll have to set your stake and start again.

You get eight rolls in total per game. So the higher you roll each time the greater your chances of helping him reach his spaceship and hitting that massive 25000x multiplier. Then head out to Starscape.

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