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A Fresh New Spin on Bingo

Play Spingo - Online Slots

Love playing roulette? Love playing bingo? Then double the love at Duke’s Casino with Spingo – the game that combines the thrill of the roulette table with the triumphant fun of yelling bingo.

The game is essentially a hybrid of both games, blending elements in a way that maximizes your enjoyment, not to mention your potential earnings. In this game you’ll find a hybrid roulette table that shoots bingo balls out of a tube at its centre. The balls are then spun around the wheel before coming to a full stop in one of the coloured pockets – there are three coloured pockets in all.

The aim of the game is to place your bets – you can bet on both the number of the ball and where it lands on the table at the same time – by placing markers of various denominations on the betting table then clicking the spin button.

In other words Spingo combines the luck of the draw of bingo with the spin of the wheel of roulette requiring the player to carefully think out their strategies and gambits. If you manage to combine both luck and skill whereby you win both the bingo and roulette elements simultaneously you’ll reap some massive wins that will likely leave your voice hoarse and your head spinning.

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