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Terminator 2

Terminator 2

The Battle For Tomorrow Has Begun…

Play Terminator 2 - Online Slots

The Terminator is back. Relive the thrills and explosive action of James Cameron’s record-breaking 1991 sci-fi classic with this incredible cybernetic slot from Microgaming.
Terminator 2 is fondly remembered for many reasons; the pumping soundtrack, the mind-blowing special effects, the incredible stunts and action sequences, the iconic T-1000, the unforgettable characters and, of course, all those delightfully deadpan “Arnie-isms”.
You’ll find all of these – and much more besides – in the Terminator 2 online slot. Not only has the sound, look and feel of the game been carefully crafted to match the original movie, events inside the game also triggers actual movie footage.
The designers have put a lot of thought into ensuring that the world of the Terminator is not merely a theme, but is, in fact, central to the game play. And many of the bonuses and features reflect this also.
The game’s T-800 Vision feature is a perfect example. When triggered the screen turns red and the player views the game as though the Terminator’s eyes. With T-800 vision you can see what was once hidden and reveal prizes. Each character symbol reveals a prize. Hunt down the T-1000 and you’ll get the highest prize of all.
As we all remember from the movie, the liquid metal T-1000 can alter its appearance at will. This proved troublesome for Arnie, but for the player he means huge payouts since the T-1000 is a wild symbol can morph into other characters and trigger higher wins. Get three or more scatter symbols, meanwhile, to enter the Free Spins bonus round.
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