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Triple Pocket Hold em Gold

Triple Pocket Hold’em Gold

Beat The Dealer To Win Up To 50:1 On Your Bet

Triple Pocket Hold Em Online Poker

Triple Pocket Hold Em Gold from Microgaming blends entertaining and rewarding gameplay with superior sound and graphics to create an unmissable casino gaming experience.

The game is simple and fun to play, easy enough that new players can pick it up quickly, though, as with all great casino card games, it never becomes stale and you can spend a lifetime honing your skills and strategy.

The game boasts some highly realistic sound and graphics, including a relaxing piano background music, which you have the option of muting, and incredible sound effects and dealer speech. You also get a clear and attractive table as you might find in a real life casino.

The aim of the game is to beat two dealer hands from a single 52 card deck. You get dealt a set of cards first and decide whether you want to keep them or discard them. Any you discard are given to the dealer. You have two chances to select your preferred set of pocket cards and each discarded set is again awarded to the dealer. You then have to hold the third and final set. Play your cards right and you could potentially get a max 50:1 payout on the ante bet, thats what I call Double Bonus Poker

£200 First Deposit Bonus

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